Sunday, June 5, 2011

February 2011- April 2011

My last week in February was spent at my grand parents going through some boxes I had stored there when I left Hawaii. I grabbed a bunch of clothes that I had left and changed out some stuff I wouldn't need while traveling. I looked for a new Travel insurance and for jobs. Most jobs I saw online were for Barista's or mining. I would work in the mine's but most of the jobs weren't entry level. They were skilled. Like they needed geologists or skilled laborers like technicians and large vehicle operators. I don't qualify for any of that. I ended up getting a job interview set up for the day after I arrived in Sydney with a photography company doing school portrait photos. So that was kind of a relief. On the 9th of February I said good bye to Hawaii again and started on my next chapter of my around the world travels. I arrived in Sydney and booked a Hostel in Glebe. At Glebe Point YHA a nice hostel just out side of the CBD area. I went to the job interview the next day taking the bus. I didn't realize how big Sydney is. I went to Parramata area which took about 2 hours by bus. I arrived 5 minutes late for my interviewbut it was fine since he wasn't finished with the person before me. I went in and did my interview. After the interview I felt relieved. But I knew I didn't get the job. I had no prior experience with studio portraits. Also I'm not a sales person. Oh well though. I spent the week hanging out with some guys from the Hostel and searching for jobs on the internet. I sent an email to John a guy that I had met on the Navimag in Chile. He put me in touch with an acquintance of his in Sydney. Which led me to my first job. I got a job with Honky Dory Social club on Oxford st. as a Barback/glassy. I had gotten my RSA that week also. RSA is the equivalent of a liquor card in the States. It was $100 for the 8 hour class. Since I had a job now I started looking for a place to stay. I payed for a week accomodation at the Backpackers next door called Glebe Village Backpackers. I saw at least a dozen apartments. Some were so crammed with people that it wouldn't have been nice. Others were expensive. I finally found one that had 4 people in two bedrooms. It was $160 a week and it was with in walking distance of work. I told the guy I would take it.The guys name is Smile. He's Turkish as well as all the other guys are. There's a gym there. Sweet. I need to work off all the weight I have gained back. When I left home I was around 96 Kilo's(211lbs) in Peru I was down to 84 Kilo's(185lbs) now I am closer to 100 kilo's then I would like to be. I worked 3 days at Honky Dory but then was given a week off. Mars the manager was shuffling people around. So in that time I found another job at The Rose Hotel as a kitchen hand/ Pizza cook. I went in for an interview on Wednesday and ended up working thursday friday saturday. Kind of got the crash course there. Over the next few weeks I worked out a schedule with both jobs. Working between the two about 50+ hours a week. Its good money and I enjoy it. Free food and drinks whats not to like. I am able to save money. My weekly bills only total around $220.

January 2011

On the second Alanna and I headed back up to Toronto where we spent a few more days as a couple before I took off to go and see my brother, his girlfriend and my niece. I have yet to meet her she was born on April 2nd the day I arrived in Machu Picchu. Which makes her 8 months old now, the first time seeing her. It was kind of bad luck for me to be traveling and not being there to see my niece when she was born. After spending a night in Portland area Andrew and I headed up to our Grandparents house in Kennewick, Washington. Katie and Naomi were supposed to come but Grandma was sick and she didn't want to get Naomi sick. It was nice visiting with my grandparents and talking about my travels. My grandpa passed the traveling gene's to my dad who passed them to me. While we were there my grandparents had us go through there house which they were cleaning out. Seeing if we wanted anything. We ended up taking a whole car full of stuff home. My Grandparents had/have things from all over the world but many things from the Pacific and Asia. Andrew got the blow gun and the bow and arrow that are used for capturing monkey's in Asia. Many of these things in their house is what inspired and still does inspire me to travel. Just seeing things that I don't understand and want to experience has ledme on this journey. We only spent a night with our grandparents then headed back to Portland. It was fun to play with Naomi. She's so cute. Went up into the mountains and did some skeet shooting. It's actually quite difficult. To through the skeet that is. haha. But it was a good time. I left my brother and his family on the 12th and went to Hawaii.
I spent a month in Hawaii. Visiting my mom's parents in Oahu and my parents on Maui. Spent a weekend on the Big Island with my best friend from High school Ryan and his family. Hung out with friends on Oahu for the rest of the month of January. Went online everyday trying to find jobs. I am running low on cash so I was forced to sell some of my stock that was
put away for me for my education. I used very little of it so it was emergency money that I used so I could go to Australia and not have to find a job right away. I booked my flight to Sydney. I would leave on the 8th and Arrive on the 9th. Hung out with friends from Yardhouse and friends from Uni. Went to dinner with Rhea and Lex and spent a few days with B-Sauce and Frubaba.

My niece Naomi
Muana Kahalawai, Maui
Sunset near Lahaina, Maui
Me and a Sea Lion at Sea life Park, Oauh