Wednesday, August 17, 2011

June 2011

So with a combination of people quitting and going on vacation I got lots of hours between my two jobs. The last month I was working in Sydney I was working 60+ hours a week. But I still found time to hangout with Lee who I had met at the St Lucia project. He's taking sailing courses in

Manly. We went and

saw a Rugby Union match and a AFL game. Saw the Waratahs play the Highlanders and the

Sydney Swans play the Collingwood. I

understand for the most part the Rugby union rules but I am still clue less how the AFL rules go. It was a good atmosphere and its nice to see live sporting events especially since it is such a huge part of Australian life. Lee put me intouch with a mate at Pro Dive Nicci she is doing a course on Underwater Photography with certification. I organized my schedule with work so I could do the two day course. It was an awesome course and I learned a lot. It was nice to get out of Sydney and get in the water. Even though it was about 16 degrees Celsius. Learned how to use manual white balance, strobes, and how to take care of equipment. I want to get a housing now for my SLR. They cost between 1500-5000. Pretty costly, more than the body of the camera. I believe this doesn't include a port either. So you are still looking at another 400 to a thousand just for one port. My toys just keep getting more and more expensive.

My time here in Sydney is coming to an end. I leave on the 8th of July to go to Hawaii for the family reunion. There are supposed to be 90 or so of us from my moms dads side. A big family with lots of cousins. Gave my notice at my work and started getting stuff ready to leave. All the food that I had in the house I slowly ate. Hung out with my co-workers the last night both from Hunky Dory and The Rose. Said bye to my room mates and left Australia.


Me at the Swans game.

Hunky Dory Main bar.

Diving pic

Diving pic

Cuttle fish and Nicci's hand.

Getting color using manual white balance.

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