Sunday, June 5, 2011

February 2011- April 2011

My last week in February was spent at my grand parents going through some boxes I had stored there when I left Hawaii. I grabbed a bunch of clothes that I had left and changed out some stuff I wouldn't need while traveling. I looked for a new Travel insurance and for jobs. Most jobs I saw online were for Barista's or mining. I would work in the mine's but most of the jobs weren't entry level. They were skilled. Like they needed geologists or skilled laborers like technicians and large vehicle operators. I don't qualify for any of that. I ended up getting a job interview set up for the day after I arrived in Sydney with a photography company doing school portrait photos. So that was kind of a relief. On the 9th of February I said good bye to Hawaii again and started on my next chapter of my around the world travels. I arrived in Sydney and booked a Hostel in Glebe. At Glebe Point YHA a nice hostel just out side of the CBD area. I went to the job interview the next day taking the bus. I didn't realize how big Sydney is. I went to Parramata area which took about 2 hours by bus. I arrived 5 minutes late for my interviewbut it was fine since he wasn't finished with the person before me. I went in and did my interview. After the interview I felt relieved. But I knew I didn't get the job. I had no prior experience with studio portraits. Also I'm not a sales person. Oh well though. I spent the week hanging out with some guys from the Hostel and searching for jobs on the internet. I sent an email to John a guy that I had met on the Navimag in Chile. He put me in touch with an acquintance of his in Sydney. Which led me to my first job. I got a job with Honky Dory Social club on Oxford st. as a Barback/glassy. I had gotten my RSA that week also. RSA is the equivalent of a liquor card in the States. It was $100 for the 8 hour class. Since I had a job now I started looking for a place to stay. I payed for a week accomodation at the Backpackers next door called Glebe Village Backpackers. I saw at least a dozen apartments. Some were so crammed with people that it wouldn't have been nice. Others were expensive. I finally found one that had 4 people in two bedrooms. It was $160 a week and it was with in walking distance of work. I told the guy I would take it.The guys name is Smile. He's Turkish as well as all the other guys are. There's a gym there. Sweet. I need to work off all the weight I have gained back. When I left home I was around 96 Kilo's(211lbs) in Peru I was down to 84 Kilo's(185lbs) now I am closer to 100 kilo's then I would like to be. I worked 3 days at Honky Dory but then was given a week off. Mars the manager was shuffling people around. So in that time I found another job at The Rose Hotel as a kitchen hand/ Pizza cook. I went in for an interview on Wednesday and ended up working thursday friday saturday. Kind of got the crash course there. Over the next few weeks I worked out a schedule with both jobs. Working between the two about 50+ hours a week. Its good money and I enjoy it. Free food and drinks whats not to like. I am able to save money. My weekly bills only total around $220.

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